Re: Paving Cowpaths

Daniel Glazman wrote:

 > And to be honest, this is not the problem here. A spec cannot
 > target two audiences that are so different, implementors and users
 > (here, users are document authors). And to be honest too, a spec
 > _should not_ target users. Tutorials and books are here to educate
 > users.

I'm sorry, I don't agree.  /Initially/, the user will need a book
(or a tutorial, but good well-written books such as Dave Raggett's
HTML 4 or Bert Bos & Hakon Wium Lie's CSS are far better, IMHO,
being written by people deeply involved in the design process and
decision making), but once the user has assimilated all he can from
the book, he /needs/ the specification to which to refer whenever he
needs to be certain of the exact letter of the law.

Philip Taylor

Received on Monday, 21 May 2007 21:02:36 UTC