Re: #:body.h2[5]

1) Let square brackets is used to specify serial number of html-element

  <a href="docname.htm#:body.h2[5]">text</a>

and braces is used to specify part of content of html-element
(if several elements contain specified sub-string, then first of them is found)

  <a href="docname.htm#:body.h2{part of header}">text</a>

Mixing is possible (idea of this section of letter)

  <a href="docname.htm#:body.h2{part of header}+h3[5]">text</a>

2) Let double-brace "{{", "}}" mean "{", "}" in content of html-element
(and only in content). I offer brace for duplication, because it is
used comparatively seldom.

means sub-string
in content of h2, and
means sub-string

Dmitry Turin

Received on Friday, 18 May 2007 12:54:28 UTC