Re: Proposal: Chained Classnames

Murray Maloney schrieb:
> At 04:09 PM 5/17/2007 +0200, Dão Gottwald wrote:
>> Philip Taylor (Webmaster) schrieb:
>>> Dão Gottwald wrote:
>>>> The discussion is about defining semantics for certain classes, 
>>>> which is utterly unrelated to default style sheets.
>>> How /can/ it be "utterly unrelated" ?
>> It was never proposed to specify default styles for those classes.
> [...]
> Besides, since a CLASS value relates an element to a CSS style, and also
> relates an element to an out-of-band semantic, then it seems clear that
> the CSS style sheet is related to an out-of-band semantic through their
> common relationship to a CLASS name.

Sure, just like style rules for [role~="foo"] are connected to the 
semantics of an element with the "foo" role. The crux is /default/ style 


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