Re: Microformat support

On 16. mai. 2007, at 14.15, Bruce Boughton wrote:

>> Maybe microformats deserve a tag of their own ...?
> Why? The point of microformats seems to be to add semantic  
> information in a backwards-compatible manner.  Today this will be  
> using the constructs they propose.  This will be very entrenched by  
> the time HTML5 comes out so I think HTML5 should not make special  
> allowance for Microformats, but instead forge its own path.
> Bruce

Microfotmats constructs won't be "very entrenched" until they are  
supported in a common way (with extra buttons etc.) by all major  
browsers. And if they are supported by all major browsers, why  
shouldn't they be made part of the spec, at least by reference to the  
microformat standards?

Anyway I realize my previous suggestion wasn't really about  
supporting microformats. It was about handling another type of media.  
This is probably better done with <object>:

<object data="henrik.vcf" type="text/x-vcard" style="font- 
family:serif; padding:1em; border:1px solid black"/>

Authors could then maintain their contact info in their favorite  
address book application, export it to vcf files, upload them the  
server and have them displayed on web pages without any kind of  
conversion, according to localized user preferences.

IMO this is much more "beautiful" than  using special rendering based  
on specific combinations of elements, class names and title attributes.


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