Re: @role, @class, @id and copyright information

At 06:19 PM 5/16/2007 +0200, Olivier GENDRIN wrote:

>On 5/16/07, Bruce Boughton <> wrote:
>>But what semantic value does "this role occurs only once on the page"
>>have?  Surely the UA can tell it occurs only once by its occurrence?!
>Example (a bad one) : "the copyright role sould be present 0 or 1 time
>on an ressource, and indicates the copyright of all the content of the
>page. If there is more than one occurence of the role, the last one
>should be the only taken into account."

It is often the case that more than one copyright applies to a resource.

If multiple copyrights apply, simply use multiple <LINK>s

<LINK REL="COPYRIGHT" HREF="./copyrights/foo.html" />
<LINK REL="COPYRIGHT" HREF="./copyrights/bar.html" />
<LINK REL="COPYRIGHT" HREF="./copyrights/baz.html" />

>Note that if i write a page about a picture, i cannot indicate the
>copyright of the picture with that spec example by using
>role="copyright" (that's why I propose a scope).
The copyright does not require an @role. As I mentioned earlier,
the use of <LINK REL="COPYRIGHT" .../> is sufficient.



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