Re: Scope of @role (or @class)

At 01:14 PM 5/16/2007 +0200, Olivier GENDRIN wrote:

>Imagine a page that list articles, indicating their copyrights. This
>page has also her own copyright :
><dt>First article</dt>
><dd role="copyright">&copy; John Doe</dd>
><p role="copyright">This page is under CC By licence.</p>
>We have two solutions :
>- we specifies that role="copyright" indicates the copyright of the page.
>- we add a @scope attribute that will tell what content is concerned.

Make that three solutions. The LINK elements relates the current document
to a document that is specified by HREF.

<LINK REL="COPYRIGHT" HREF="./copyright" />

The problem was solved a long time ago.

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