Re: Applicable elements for predefined classnames

To me, predefined class names as part of HTML spec sounds like an
incredibly bad idea.

Whether abused or not, today's class attribute provides a beautifully
elegant way to use underlying markup as a carrier wave, and as such I
would hate to see this method regulated in the markup spec. The
carrier wave should only act as an enabler.

Regulating class names is not a bad thing, but IMHO it should be
orthogonal to HTML spec development effort. Microformats come to mind
as an example.

The only intersection of the two should be adoption of painfully
obvious common class name conventions as part of markup, i.e. new
elements. Marking up copyright ingormation may be a good example.

These are my two kopeks.


On 5/10/07, Maurice Carey <> wrote:
> On 5/9/07 11:33 PM, "Matthew Raymond" <> wrote:
> >> But HTML 5 spec will have to include a big red
> >> shinny warn about misuse of role (and some other property), and will
> >> also have to be very clear about the way it's used and the way to add
> >> a role value to the spec.
> >
> >    This assumes that web authors will even read the HTML5 spec.
> > Considering how few have read the spec for HTML 4.01, that's hardly a
> given.
> It's easier to get people to use the validators than to read the specs. The
> warnings there should be as clear as possible. Possibly with links to faq's
> that we'll eventually write specifically for the new errors that will become
> quite common for inexperienced users.
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