Re: The Semantic Debate

Bruce Boughton wrote:
> Maybe we need a machine-tag [1] triplet attribute then? Something like:
>     |Why not come along to <mtag namespace="lastfm" predicate="event"
>     value="196939"><a href="">Music Park
>     2007</a></mtag> in Brighton this June?|
> Or does role already provide this?  My understanding was that role
> provides a namespace and a role value, rather than a
> namespace/predicate/value triplet.

Is this not exactly what the RDFa working group is tackling?

I think that having a generalized means of expressing embedded
semantic data makes a great deal of sense. Leveraging RDF also makes
sense. Not inventing the same wheel twice makes the most sense of all.

Should there be an effort to sychronize the efforts between this group
and the RDFa group to avoid conflict and to ensure common conformance?

Alan Dean

Received on Wednesday, 9 May 2007 10:58:31 UTC