Re: The Semantic Debate

John Foliot wrote:
> Jonas Sicking wrote:
>> I would not be opposed to adding a 'role' attribute, as long as we
>> also support adding semantics the way it's done before. 
> And how is that Jonas?  Outside of the "copyright" example, can you point to
> another instance of how semantic meaning has been ascribed to a word or
> string (sentence)?

Not sure what you mean. You gave 3 examples right below, "sarcasm", 
"joke" and "critical". I believe "ship" has also been mentioned on this 

> Can you show me an example of emotion or semantic nuance
> "in the wild?"  In email exchanges, we occasionally see things like:
>    <sarcasm></sarcasm>
>    <joke></joke>
>    <critical></critical>
> ...and so forth, however, I've never seen: <span class="sarcasm"></span> or
> <p class="joke"></p>.  If it (or something similar) exists, please do point
> it out.

Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of having humans interpret the 
tags we come up with, so I think we have to limit ourselves a bit.

> Or are you suggesting adding both?  That to me seems counter-productive and
> more confusing.  

Why? That way people that find RDFa is too complex can limit themselves 
to the predefined (and prefixed) classes that we put in the spec. For 
the people that want the full power of RDFa can use the role attribute.

/ Jonas

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