Re: Why bother? (was Re: The Semantic Debate)

Nicholas Chase wrote:
> Having said that, I disagree.  People who want to do things like they 
> did in HTML4 will just keep using HTML4.  But HTML5 has the potential to 
> open up a whole NEW way of doing things FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO USE IT. If 
> HTML5 abandons the constraints that HTML4 puts on it in order to enable 
> things like easier tool integration, we might actually see things like 
> older people -- which, by the way, the original HTML generation is 
> quickly joining the ranks of, BTW -- using tools to create HTML pages 
> that include intelligence in terms of semantics (little "s").

If you want to spec something that isn't just a continuation of HTML4, 
feel free. Go forth and create something great. But this is not the 
WG[*] to do it. The folks over at the XHTML2 WG are trying just that, 
maybe that's the group you should join.

> But at that point, people are only going to use HTML5 IF THERE IS A 
> COMPELLING REASON.  In other words, just coming out with a new version 
> for the sake of it isn't going to get anybody to use it.

Agreed, and the more we depart from current practices the more 
compelling the reasons need to be. This WG is trying to walk down the 
path of "create the highest value possible, while limit ourselves to the 
constraints of current practices". Other groups are doing "create the 
best language we can think of, no constraints".

Personally I do think that a language that breaks all ties with HTML can 
be very successful, as long as it's a great language and brings 
compelling reasons enough that for people to choose it over HTML. I 
really hope that that will happen at some point. But it won't be in this 
WG, and most likely not in a W3C WG at all.

[*]This is my understanding of the goal this WG was started with, and 
the reason that I joined it. And I believe the charter supports that view.

/ Jonas

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