Re: Predefined Class Names Solution

Philip & Le Khanh wrote:
> James Graham wrote:
>> That rather misses the point of "pave the cowpaths" though -- the idea 
>> is to preferentially spec things that have become common practice over 
>> things which have not. 
> Yes, I do understand that; my problem is that whilst it is easy
> to demonstrate that there are $>n$ documents in the wild that
> use 'class="copyright"', it is infinitely harder to demonstrate
> the intention of the authors in using that construct beyond
> the two usages I gave previously (CSS & DOM).  

The intent of the author is (IMHO) not terribly relevant. What matters 
is whether their *actual* usage matches the proposed spec. If a survey 
shows that a fraction f of uses of class="copyright" do match the spec 
and f is >~ the fraction of authors who use elements such as <address> 
in line with the HTML4 spec then I don't see how speccing 
class="copyright" is a major problem from the point of view of "semantic 

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