Re: Cleaning House

Jonas Sicking wrote:
> Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
>> For HTML, there is no significant distinction in attested use between 
>> <em> and <i>. In practice they are used in the same kinds of contexts. 
>> However, there is a nominal difference in the spec.
> What do you base this on?
> I have seen <i> used for a range of things, most commonly to indicate 
> emphasis or to indicate quoting. In other words my experience has been 
> that people use it when they want italics which can be desired for a 
> number of things.
> OTOH I haven't seen <em> used nearly as much so I can't really say what 
> people are using it for. The few uses I have seen though has been by 
> people that care about semantic correctness and has explicitly wanted to 
> indicate emphasis.

I should add that what I'm arguing for is that we leave the spec as it 
is. The current spec gives the most useful, as well as true to how they 
are currently used, description of <b>, <i>, <em>, and <strong> that 
I've seen anywhere.

And before anyone argues against me, please make sure you do read the 
spec and quote it when you state why it is wrong.

/ Jonas

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