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Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> You claimed that Web Apps 1.0 would somehow encourage more author use of 
> <b> to mark up headers. I assumed no one would make this claim if they 
> were aware of <h*>, <header>, the sectioning algorithm, and the fact 
> that it does not condone use of <b> for headers in any way. Here's a 
> direct quote: "The b element should be used as a last resort when no 
> other element is more appropriate. In particular, headers should use the 
> h1 to h6 elements..." It also does not make <b> equivalent to <strong>.

Turning this around, then: what situations do we have where people would 
use <b> as a last resort? Apart from authoring tools that only offer a B 
button? And not talking about legacy content (which would have to be 
revised, even in light of the current spec).

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