Re: Cleaning House

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis schrieb:
> Dão Gottwald wrote:
>> Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis schrieb:
>>> If AT had better support for CSS, and CSS had style selectors, we'd 
>>> be in a slightly happier place:
>> Ah, style selectors once again ...
>>   :style("font-style:normal") {
>>     font-style: italic;
>>   }
>>   :style("font-style:italic") {
>>     font-style: normal;
>>   }
>> See what happens?
> Hmm. Wouldn't that only be problematic if an equal weight has to be 
> given to both rules?

No, the weight doesn't matter at all. Those rules never apply to the 
same element simultaneously. Once its state changed according to one 
rule, the other one applies.

> Alternatively, one could require UAs to ignore self-contradictory 
> property declarations used with style selectors.

I thought removing the font style of otherwise-italic text inside of 
italic text was the goal.


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