Re: Cleaning House

Murray Maloney schrieb:
> At 10:51 PM 5/6/2007 +0200, Tina Holmboe wrote:
>> > You keep saying that <em> is more meaningful, yet you have not been
>> > able to explain what that additional meaning is. Pray tell, what more
>> > does <em> tell me or anyone?
>>   It isn't a case of how much the EM-element tell you. It's a case of
>>   how LITTLE the I-element do.
>>   I have, repeatedly, stated that the I-element as defined does not
>>   convey any meaning, but the EM-element does. It is, in my opinion, the
>>   /wrong decision/ to redefine the world and not expect to take the
>>   consequences.
> What meaning do you think that the <em> conveys?
> If you answer with "emphasis", I ask you again to consider that there are
> many forms of emphasis, and that bold and italic are forms of emphasis
> as are yelling and whispering.

In order to make that point you will have to say that italics can always 
be mapped to emphasis.


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