Re: Cleaning House (Murray Maloney) wrote:

>Ah well, then feel free to dismiss my contribution.

Had I intended to dismiss your contribution I would not have 
bothered replying.

>Do you need a citation that somewhat supports my position?

The text you cite does not seem to support your apparent position.

As I attempted to point out, but you apparently mistook as 
dismissal, the authority you cite is in fact your own opinion. 
Reasoned as it may be, and well qualified as it may be, and 
valued as it may be; it is still _your_ opinion.

I don't believe anyone would hold that you are not entitled to it.

Still, given your apparent strong belief in your own abilities, 
it may be constructive to assume that it carries sufficient 
weight on its own rather then attempt to justify it with 
external reference that may or may not be relevant to your 
argument. Particularly when it seems your cited authority 
actually supports the opposite position.

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