Re: Support Existing Content

Gareth Hay wrote:
>> Javascript was designed with exactly this issue in mind, it should be 
>> easy to produce content for. You can also note that javascript has 
>> much less draconian error handling than C and that there are a lot 
>> more authors of javascript code than C code.
> More authors of Javascript than C ?
> Come now, you must hang out in all the wrong places...

You do realize that thousands of web authors have copied and pasted 
javascript code to their web pages to get things like dynamic menus, 
hover effects and form validation on their web pages. These people are 
javascript authors too and they would probably not be able to get those 
things running on their pages if javascript was as unforgiving as C is.

But you might be right that the number of C authors is still greater 
given that C has been around for 23 years longer. But I wouldn't 
actually be surprised if the number of javascript authors was greater 
anyway, there are a lot of people out there creating web pages.

In any case, javascript has reached audiences that C never will, which 
was my point.

/ Jonas

Received on Saturday, 5 May 2007 13:05:43 UTC