Re: Semantics - Mystery of the Menu tag

Jukka K. Korpela wrote:


 > I wouldn't say it was semi-presentational. The difference between UL and
 > OL might be called semi-presentational (and even that is questionable -
 > do bullets vs. numbers or letters change the _meaning_ of a list?),

Yes.  If I write :

	1) Measure the flour
	2) Put it in a bowl
	3) Make a hollow
	4) Add an egg


these are invariably treated as time-sequential instructions.
If, on the other hand, I write

	Take :

	o 8 oz flour
	o 1 egg
	o a little water


where "o" is a bullet marker, these are treated as asynchronous
instructions that may be carried out in any order.

Thus I believe that bullets v. numbers (or letters)
(when correctly used) carry different semantics, and
therefore alters the meaning of a list.

Philip Taylor

Received on Saturday, 5 May 2007 10:09:32 UTC