FW: Number of list item

Always counting up? so -10, -9, -8 etc ???

If doing this I reckon you need to specifiy which way you want it to count
to. So could go from -10 to -100 which is a more locial order counting that
way round in my English head.

- Gavin

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1) Sometimes serial number of list items should begin
from not one, and from not zero,
but from another positive or negative number.
2) Sometimes it's necessary to miss some numbers of list items.

I offer to enter attribute "from" with integer values for <li>,
attribute force to count serial number from own value.

Example below

  <li from="-10"> phrase </li>
  <li>            phrase </li>
  <li>            phrase </li>
  <li>            phrase </li>
  <li from="0">   phrase </li>
  <li>            phrase </li>
  <li>            phrase </li>
  <li>            phrase </li>
  <li from="100"> phrase </li>
  <li>            phrase </li>
  <li>            phrase </li>
  <li>            phrase </li>

will be displayed so
-10. prase
 -9. prase
 -8. prase
 -7. prase
  0. prase
  1. prase
  2. prase
  3. prase
100. prase
101. prase
102. prase
103. prase

Dmitry Turin

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