Re: Support Existing Content

I suppose it depends if we are communicating with a end user or not.

Do you think we author for browsers or for the users. In terms of  
HTML I think we author for browsers, and as such, I don't think a  
parser will ever have the reasoning power of a human being for  
recovering from a grammatical error.

Also, if the library only archived books which conformed to grammar  
rules in the first place, I'm sure many more authors would adhere to  
the rules to get the book into the library.


On 4 May 2007, at 17:36, Jeff Schiller wrote:

> On 5/4/07, Gareth Hay <> wrote:
>> I'm sure we are all aware that grammatical errors in texts /can/
>> completely mislead a reader unintentionally.
> Sure, I will concede this.  There are some grammatical errors that can
> mislead a reader unintentionally.  There are other errors that a
> reader can perfectly understand without any loss of meaning.  But does
> not mean you should place a draconian restriction that all
> communication must be grammatically correct or the communication is
> disallowed?
> That may be fine for libraries consisting of legal or medical
> libraries, but not for libraries available to the masses.  I certainly
> still want to read my Huck Finn and Robinson Crusoe...

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