Re: Use of headers and summary attributes (was : <font> (was Support Existing Content))

> I'm very curious to know in which ways the above table is more usable 
> for people with AT than the following table:
>    <table>
>     <caption>Travelling expenses report</caption>
>     <tr><th>Destination<th>Traveling 
> dates<th>Meal<th>Hotel<th>Transport<th>Total
>     <tr><td rowspan="3">Atlanta<td>August 25th<td>37<td>112<td>45<td>
>     <tr><td>August 26th<td>27<td>112<td>45<td>
>     <tr><td>Sub-total<td>64<td>224<td>90<td>378
>     <tr><td rowspan="3">Boston<td>August 27th<td>96<td>109<td>36<td>
>     <tr><td>August 28th<td>35<td>109<td>36<td>
>     <tr><td>Sub-total<td>131<td>218<td>72<td>421
>     <tr><td>Compilation<td>Grand total<td>195<td>442<td>162<td>799
>    </table>
> What features does the first table provide that this one doesn't? 
> (This is a serious question.)
> If you insist that the first and the second column should be table 
> headers, then the current design with scope="" allows for that too, 
> AFAICT, but I could be mistaken.

the problem is not on the use of scope instead of headers/id, it's that 
at this time headers/id have a better support in the assistive 
technology so it's very important to keep them in html 5 and the summary 
attribut to.


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