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On  4 May, Jeff Schiller wrote:

>>  > Would you rather have a library:
>>  >
>>  > a) full of books written by anyone which may include some
>>  > grammatical errors
>>  > or
>>  > b) contain only books written by people who can write 100%
>>  > grammatically correct English
>> (b).  There is nothing worse than reading grammatically incorrect
>> prose.
> "(b)." is not a valid sentence.  Yoink, your email has been removed
> from my library... ;)

  In regards to (a) above, certainly. Why else would publishers spent
  quite abit of resources making sure that books are as grammatically
  correct as possible?

  Could it be that actually /following/ agreed on protocols of
  communication makes communication /easier/?

  Personally I'd rather have one well-written book in grammatically
  correct English than a thousand and one I couldn't make heads or tail

  But that's just me.
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