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On 5/4/07 11:12 AM, "Dão Gottwald" <> wrote:

> Maurice Carey schrieb:
>> On 5/4/07 7:48 AM, "Julian Reschke" <> wrote:
>>> I think if we really want to discourage people, we need to do more than
>>> flag that in conformance checkers. Remember: most people don't use them.
>> And that's what needs to change!
>> The only reason I never used validators is because I had never heard of them
>> or the W3C.
> The reason why I still don't use the CSS validator is because it
> produces to many useless information (like parsing errors for
> vendor-specific extensions, even though the grammar does allow them),
> making it hard to see the stuff that matters.
> --Dao

Not disagreeing, but when there's a real problem it sure comes in handy.
Also it's been updated recently. The useless 'warnings' are grouped together
at the bottom and the real 'errors' are at the top.

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