Accessibility is for everyone (was : Use of headers and summary attributes )

Denis Boudreau (WebConforme) wrote:
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Bonjour, Denis.

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> Headers and summaries are crucial for assistive technologies such as 
> screen readers to interpret how a table is organized. Blind people for 
> example (yes, THEM again) [long snip]

At 60 years of age, my vision is not what it once was.
I am, in comparison to my younger peers, "partially sighted".
So if you were to re-cast your text (above) as "Blind and
partially sighted people", "THEM" would become "US", and
those who dismiss accessibility as only marginally relevant
might suddenly come to realise that what is accessible to
them today may become inaccessible tomorrow.  So let's agree
(if we can) to do away with this "THEM"/"US" divide, and
agree that accessibility is important to EVERYONE.  Please ?

Philip Taylor

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