Re: Architectural Consistency Requirements for Forms

On May 3, 2007, at 7:35 PM, Weston Ruter wrote:

> The WF2 repetition model is not bound to forms, even though it  
> appears with in the "Web Forms" specification. Templates may be  
> made of any elements by adding the relevant attribute  
> (repeat="template") and so the WF2 repetition templates work  
> "outside of a form." In order to declaratively make use of the  
> repetition model's functionality, however, one must use the new WF2  
> repetition model form buttons. Perhaps this is what you are  
> referring to.

Ah, ok.  I assumed because this model appeared in a spec devoted to  
forms that it would require an enclosing form in order to work.  If  
it does not, then why isn't the entire section in Web Apps 1.0  
instead of WF2?


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