Re: Architectural Consistency Requirements for Forms

On May 3, 2007, at 10:49 AM, T.V Raman wrote:

> Here's one more that is not called out explicitly in 1..8:
> 9)  Given N controls that  are inter-dependent, enable "O(N)
>     wiring" rather than requiring "O(N^2) wiring".

This seems like a fine requirement with a practical effect.

> In the XForms world, this is met by having a data model to which
>     controls are wired. In the interest of consistency, and for
>     enabling the smooth on-ramp from HTML Forms that Mark Birbeck
>     has elucidated earlier, we should ensure that an author who
>     starts off writing a plain old HTML Form (i.e. no explicit
>     data model) can later add in a data model and additional
>     wiring without having to re-author the entire form.

I think this part, though, is more questionable. Having an explicit  
separate data model is one possible way of solving the problem, but  
surely not the only way. Adding this constraint on allowable  
solutions may overconstrain the problem, if we also want graceful  
degradation in HTML4 UAs.


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