Re: Cleaning House

Jeff Cutsinger wrote:
> Patrick H. Lauke wrote:
>> suggest generic approaches such as an appropriately styled <span>.
> Forcing the use of a styled span is bad because styles are dangerous.
> It'd be akin to forcing someone to use Javascript to the same end. No,
> if a user typing into a WYSIWYG editor hits the "b" button, it should
> output a <b> tag.

Why do you assume that a well-designed WYSIWYG editor would
have a "b" button (or any similar button, for that matter) ?
Just because the editor is WYSIWYG doesn't mean that it
has to treat its users as idiots : present them with
logical, extensible, semantic markup options, shew them how
easy it is to create a new element (say, keyword), shew
them how easy it is to render all keyword elements in bold black,
shew them how easy it is to change the rendition to boxed red, and
they will wonder why editing has never been so simple and so powerful.

Philip Taylor

Received on Thursday, 3 May 2007 13:30:19 UTC