Re: Cleaning House

Couldn't agree more, but I think you will find people like you and i  
are bashing heads against a wall here.
A decision has already been made, explicitly or not, that this will  
not happen

On 3 May 2007, at 05:48, Lee Roberts wrote:

> What I get out of all the chatter about deprecated tags being  
> supported
> FOREVER is somewhere along the line of people don't know how to make
> standards.  This is evident in HTML4.x and XHTML1.x with deprecated  
> tags.
> If we're smart and we will set up a DOCTYPE HTML5 which people can  
> use, then
> Browser Vendors can easily support the author's desired standard  
> set.  If
> the author fails to use DOCTYPE HTML5 then Browser Vendors can take  
> the
> assumption that they need to fall back to previous standard support  
> mode.

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