RE: Cleaning House

So, you think we should throw our hands in the air, give up and support the
same old stuff that has been around for years with no value?  Deprecated
does mean it isn't accepted and shouldn't be used.

We've told them for years that the codes were deprecated.  Now it's time to
say they're no longer accepted.

The assumption that someone is going to hack his or her change of the
DOCTYPE is valid, but barely worth mentioning.  We need to stand up and set
the standard by which everyone else uses.  Not let the community decide what
the standards will be.

I deal with enough people on a daily bases that say the standards are
arbitrary.  Well, after seeing what I see here and over the past month I
will tend to agree.  People are too worried about hurting people's feelings
than worried about making things better.

We should be here to make things better - not to continue to support the
same stuff and just keep adding new stuff to it.

Lee Roberts

Received on Thursday, 3 May 2007 05:07:17 UTC