Re: Several button "Submit"

Dmitry Turin wrote:
> Now <submit> has inscription, equal to sending value
> (equal to attribute "value").
> Sometimes it's necessary, that inscription and sending value will be different.
> Let's add one more attribute "text",
> which will be displayed as inscription (if attribute is specified).
> <input type=submit name=task value=copy   text=operation1>
> <input type=submit name=task value=move   text=operation2>
> <input type=submit name=task value=delete text=operation3>
> Thus inscription "move" will be displayed on button,
> and "operation2" will be send to server.

It's possible even with HTML4. Just do
<button type=submit name=task value=operation1>copy</button>
<button type=submit name=task value=operation2>move</button>
<button type=submit name=task value=operation3>delete</button>

/ Jonas

Received on Thursday, 3 May 2007 01:57:44 UTC