Re: Support Existing Content

On 2 May 2007, at 19:52, Matthew Ratzloff wrote:
> "I don't agree" isn't a rebuttal.  He is entirely correct.   
> Rendering a
> page as XML (which has no error handling, like what you are  
> advocating)

Putting words into peoples mouths seems to be a pass time on here, i  
am capable of speaking for myself.

> Taking your ball and going home is silly.  Claiming that you are for
> "fixing the Web", as if no one else here is trying to improve it as  
> well,
> is even more silly.

Deducing something that wasn't there in the first place is also silly.

> In any situation where it comes down to making the lives of content
> authors much easier at implementors' expense, or making the lives of
> implementors much easier at content authors' expense, I'm afraid  
> I'll side
> with content authors every time.

I'm not trying to make lives easier on any side.
The web is a mess, even you concede this point with your rantings  
about external advertising content.
Do you want it to continue like this? or do you want to pro-actively  
fix it?

Here's another example for those who are still not seeing my point.
If I claimed I could write French and then came out with

"Good Moning, Ow iz your bread zis vonderful die"

Would you insist that the french speakers of the world attempt to  
work out the meaning of my nonsense?

As for taking sides, I don't think it's a very good idea for anyone  
on this list or involved in the process to think of this as "them"  
and "us". It creates entrenchment and progress cannot be made, that  
is why I am continuing debate, in a hope that someone can bring me  
closer to their view and them to mine. However, by the responses I am  
getting, everyone is getting further and further apart.


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