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> Often menu of site is made as list of words, which are placed in horizontal
> line.
> If user touch this word by mouse, then roll-down list appears,
> which inform about parts of sites.
> Let use tags SELECT and OPTION and add attribute "text" into tag SELECT.
> This attribute forces:
> 1) to demonstrate own value instead of value of first tag OPTION
> 2) to not display "arrow downwards" in image of tag SELECT
> Thus tag SELECT with attributes "text" will be used
> instead of each word in mentioned horizontal menu.
> Thus even un-experienced users will create horizontal menu
> (they have not skills in JavaScript).
> Dmitry Turin

I used to want something like this.
But this can be accomplished with <ul><li> and more <ul> nested within the
<li> to achieve a near infinite amount of sub-sub-sub menus.
The ONLY time JavaScript is needed is when you want it to work in IE.

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