Re: Support Existing Content

On 2 May 2007, at 11:23, Henri Sivonen wrote:

> Mozilla (a browser vendor) is funding the development of an HTML5  
> conformance checker. Rejecting non-conforming content in browsers  
> is not the right way to "encourage" because it would make new  
> browsers less permissive and would give the impression to users  
> that old browsers work better with real content.

The methods you suggest have been in place through the development of  
previous versions of HTML and yet we still have the same problems today.
The time for "encouraging" /I/ believe should be over.

After all, if I claim I can plumb in a toilet bowl and get somewhere  
near, but not quite, and you are forced to put a bucket in the bowl  
to make it work, would I still be a plumber? Is it acceptable because  
you have had to modify my solution to work, or is it my fault because  
I didn't do my job?

That is my view, and I haven't read anything to come close to  
altering my view. I also /believe/ this to be true of the other side  
of the argument.
since the other side is browser vendors and the people who have been  
'driving hmtl' for decades, I am clearly wrong.


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