Dynamic renovation of values

It's necessary in some cases, that
value in <td> (or in <input type=text>)
is automatically calculated on base of
values of other <td> (or any html-elements in general).

Let's add characteristic "calculate" with values "yes" (default value) and "no"
into <td> and into <input type=text>.
Characteristic is used, only if value in tag begins with letter "=".


<input type=text value="=id1+id2*(id3-id4)">

Tags, which are used in calculation, must have attribute "id".
Values of attributes "id" is listed after letter "="
through signs of arithmetical operation ("+", "-", "*", "/") and parentheses.
If "id" of radio- or checkbox-widget are mentioned in calculation,
then values of their attribute "value" are considered as "1" or "0" in arithmetical expression.

Thus even un-experienced users will create renovation in cells
(they have not skills in JavaScript).

Dmitry Turin

Received on Wednesday, 2 May 2007 05:22:32 UTC