Re: Rethinking HTML 5 (Was: Re: Semicolon after entities)

At 00:12 +0100 UTC, on 2007-05-02, Philip & Le Khanh wrote:

> James Graham wrote:
>> I'm impressed... how do you know what HTML5 looks like? It hasn't been
>> completed yet!
> Yet we are being asked to vote on its adoption as the starting
> point for further HTML development :
>  > - that the W3C HTML Working Group adopts the WHAT Working Group's
>  > HTML5 as the starting point for further HTML development
> Cited directly from the W3C questionnaire ...

FWIW, my "yes" vote to that is based on the repeated statements from just
about all proponents that if we do this, *everything* of that spec is still
completely up for debate. Even high profile WHATWG members have stated on
this list that they don't agree with everything in WHATWG's current HTML 5.

So while the questionnaire's phrasing may be too vague, I trust that that is

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