Re: [whatwg] <font> (was Support Existing Content)

On 5/1/07, Smylers <> wrote:
> Jon Barnett writes:
> > If <font> is allowed, then <font size> could be allowed, because a
> > server-side script could more easily find <font size=7> and replace it
> > with <h1>.
> Why would that be a correct thing to do?  If somebody has made text
> large for emphasis or other effect, then labelling it as a heading would
> be wrong, surely?
> Smylers

You're right.  Such an engine would have to figure out if <font size> was
being used as a block instead of inline in context, and at that point <h1>
is still a guess.  But that guess is more educated or simpler than the guess
an engine could make at a <font style> tag.  I guess I'm trying to think of
any semantic benefit <font> has over <span> when editors use it and that's
the best I could come up with.

Jon Barnett

Received on Tuesday, 1 May 2007 17:59:42 UTC