Re: Support Existing Content

Gareth Hay schrieb:
> On 1 May 2007, at 16:36, Dão Gottwald wrote:
>> Gareth Hay schrieb:
>>>> I find it funny that technically advanced individuals in this very 
>>>> mailing list break up our nice threads again and again. What do you 
>>>> think, Gareth, should the server just have rejected your mail?
>>> I suppose I'm not technically advanced enough to understand the point 
>>> you are making here Dao.
>> See <>:
>> "In reply to" is missing. IMHO that violates our (admittedly 
>> unwritten) protocol, yet your mail wasn't rejected and I was able to 
>> read it. That was just an example for fault tolerance, and why it's 
>> needed.
> Actually, I think it was the subject line that was missing, because I 
> wanted to quote more than one mail I chose to forward rather than reply.
> And indeed illustrates my point perfectly. If you allow people to get 
> away with shoddy practices, they won't stop. had the mail been rejected, 
> I would have been forced to take corrective action to get the message to 
> you all.
> You see this as an advantage, I see it as a disadvantage, why should I 
> conform, when you can clearly still read my mails if I don't?

Fair enough, but you're an advanced user. Not everybody would have 
figured out that it was due to forwarding. You can't educate everybody, 
so some mails would simply be lost.

To get back to our topic, you can chose XHTML if you personally want 
that strictness (as I do sometimes), but it would be quite a high burden 
for casual users.


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