Re: Versioning and the end user

At 14:37 +0100 UTC, on 2007-05-01, Philip Taylor (Webmaster) wrote:

> Mike Schinkel wrote:


>  > This can be easily remembered and hence people will use it correctly far
>  > more often:
>  >      <!DOCTYPE html>
> The only people who need to remember "<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//HTML
> are those who hand-code; these form a tiny proportion of the overall
> web authoring community, and are -- in the main -- sufficiently
> informed to have no difficulty in remember what is required.

After over 10 years of authoring thousands of HTML documents I still *always*
need to look up/copy&paste the doctype declaration. <!DOCTYPE html> is the
first one that looks like I'll remember it.

> Everyone else will use an authoring tool

Let's try to not make that a self-fulfilling prophecy. Yes, it's the current
trend. But that's no reason there may not be some trend in another direction
some time in the future. We should try our best to make it as easy as
possible to hand-author HTML.

Besides, the easier it is to properly hand-author HTML, the easier it is for
authoring tools to output conforming documents. After all, an authoring tool
basically just outputs *its* authors hand written HTML.

Easy HTML also makes it easier for authors to check/edit the output of
authoring tools.

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