Re: Support Existing Content

Philip Taylor wrote:
> Gareth Hay wrote:
> >
> > That way, you visit a page that you used to (google, bank, etc) browser
> > uses 'old' mode.
> > You visit an HTML5 page, browser uses the new mode.
> >
> > Why is this a problem?
> I'm absolutely certain (100%) that it is /not/ a problem,
> except in the minds of those who would like it perceived
> as such[...] To jeopardise this opportunity by insisting that the
> browser use the same parsing/rendering algorithms for legacy
> ("tag soup") documents as for new ("well formed") documents
> is insane, IMHO.

I'm not a browser implementor, so I refuse to idly speculate as to how
hard of a problem keeping separate modes would actually be. However,
several browser implementors here have made it quite clear[1] that it
is, in their considered opinion, very hard, even unacceptably hard. I
suggest that we believe them.

1. e.g.,

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