Re: Support Existing Content (Dailey, David P.) wrote:

>Someone suggested that since it is a wiki, we could just change it. How
>about you go first?

I'm not necessarily convinced that the current phrasing needs to 
be changed if the rephrasing does not change the meaning but 
still addresses the concerns of those that have expressed such. 
It's a hypothesis. :-)

Further, I would not presume to make such a change until at 
least some discussion of its merits were discussed on the list.

>…publicity rights, moral rights, and rights against unfair competition…
Well, you've got me there.   I have no idea what any of those 
have to do with
SGML. Next you'll be claiming that running NSGMLS constitutes an unauthorized
public performance of SGML.                                  -- 
Richard Tobin

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