RE: HTML forms, XForms, Web Forms - which and how much?

On Mon 4/30/2007 6:28 PM John Boyer wrote:

JB: Why would we ever write a language that allows one to say C = A + B; when we already have 

LOAD AX, 1000 
LOAD BX, 1004 
STO AX, 1008 


DD: The first time I saw Fortran I wondered the same thing. "Don't reinvent the wheel" is what I thought at the time.  I thought I had invented the phrase.
It turns out, though, that the phrase actually dates back to the very early days of intellectual property law when a fellow named Xoq announced a patent claim (the prehistoric analog of such) on the purported first wheel and later coined and trademarked the phrase (as a part of the marketing of said wheel) to put a stop to Groq's attempts to make wheels. The rest of the story is all too familiar.

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