Re: [suggestion] Allow DIV inside any element

M. Jackson Wilkinson wrote:

> I'm not so sure that it is purely presentational.  In the current DL 
> model, there is no obvious indication of hierarchy between a DT and a 
> DD, where there should be.

There **can't** be.

Murray, DanC and I can confirm the current HTML 4 model of DL/DT/DD was
explicitely designed so you can have multiple DTs for one DD, multiple
DDs for one DT, multiple DDs for multiple DTs. The only way to achieve
that in a usable and rather simple way was the current model.

   <!ELEMENT DL - - (DT|DD)+ -- definition list -->

What you want would have implied to put DD* in the model of DT, the
creation of a DTGROUP element to handle DT+ and DD*, exclusion
of DD in DTs of a DTGROUP, and so on. And that exclusion is not even
easy to express in SGML.

Totally overkill...


Received on Tuesday, 1 May 2007 01:54:45 UTC