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On Fri, 29 Jun 2007, Gregory J. Rosmaita wrote:
> there is an embryonic page located at:

If I could encourage people to put the issues in terms of what the 
problem is (rather than what solution is desired), that would be really 
helpful. I have updated the issue template to try to encourage this.

The headers and summary pages also suffer from this problem -- they are 
written in a way that implies the problem is the lack of headers="". But 
adding headers="" is not the problem, it's the solution. The problem is 
presumably something about not being able to determine how data cells and 
header cells are related.

By phrasing the issues in terms of the problems we're trying to solve, 
that is, in terms of the use cases for end users and authors, we will 
hopefully distance ourselves from the various technical proposals, which 
will allow us to figure out the best thing without being too closely 
invested in a particular technical solution to be properly objective.

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