Re: what must be done to expose longdesc? [was Re: fear of "invisible metadata"]

Jason White wrote:
> The main problem with this proposal is that in processing the value of ALT,
> the user agent would have to determine whether it is a URI, then retrieve the
> associated resource if so, otherwise render the text of the attribute value.
> This would also leave the value of ALT syntactically unconstrained, whereas
> with a LONGDESC attribute, the syntax can be checked to ensure that it is a
> URI.

The difference in datatypes would be an issue alright (cheers, Gez ;-))

The two attributes do serve different purposes so they should probably
be retained as separate entities for that reason.

It was just a thought, and my main concern was reducing the load on the
end user.

<id ="user">
<id ="author">
<id= "pondlife">
<id ="vendor">



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