Re: About dropping the style attribute

On 6/27/07 4:55 AM, "Jens Meiert" <> wrote:

>> As for unique formatting, that's something we already do via #id,
> Assuming that an exemplary content rich site probably allows images from 100
> pixel minimum height/width to maximum 300 pixel height/width, you'd recommend
> to create 80,199 IDs? Or, probably discovering that there might be two images
> of the same size on a page, 201 classes for assigning the individual width,
> and additional 201 classes for the height (402 image measurement related
> classes)?
> I'm pretty sure that /nobody/ here wants to do that, even when I'm
> exaggerating to illustrate that problem.

Not exaggerating.

I've done galleries where few of the imaged had the same dimensions. In the
php I'd get the height and width of the file and assign proper height="" and
width="" values on the img tag. But if we're removing those 2 attributes I'd
have to use style

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