Re: the market hasn't spoken - it hasn't bothered to listened

At 15:38 +1000 UTC, on 2007-06-28, Lachlan Hunt wrote:


> You're confusing accessibility, which is about catering for people with
> disabilities, with interoperability, which is about making formats that
> work on different platforms, devices and/or software.

It does not require one to be disabled to have no or limited access to some
(part of a) browsing context. Allow me to refer to
<> again.

Unfortunately some special interest groups chose to abbreviate "Web
accessibility to people with disabilities" to "accessibility". I'm sure they
had the best of intentions, but let's not let them confuse us. The dictionary
hasn't changed the meaning of accessibility.


> BTW, DVDs don't get sold with books describing the entire film for those
> who can't watch it.

That's the DVD publisher's choice. For Web publishers to have that choice at
all, HTML needs to provide them with the (best possible) necessary tools.

Btw, books do get sold as audio books. (And those are not just bought by
people with disabilities. People use them to read books while driving,
jogging, whatever. Seems to be a relatively big market.)

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