Re: the market hasn't spoken - it hasn't bothered to listened [was Re: fear of "invisible metadata"]

Monika Trebo wrote:
Again, as long as we don't have something better than longdesc we should 
keep it in.

If the HTML5 WG (or whatever it's called) actually deprecated longdesc 
they should be drummed out of the regiment - that would be an 
unconscionable thing to do. Whatever arcane reasoning went into that 
decision was without merit and attempts to hide it in "process" nonsense 
is simply not acceptable.

Although the most important reason for longdesc is the accessibility 
"market", there will develop other uses for it once the foxes have been 
driven out of the hen house.

It wasn't broke and really doesn't need much (if any) fixing.

Does Sir Tim really know they deprecated longdesc?


Received on Tuesday, 26 June 2007 04:43:20 UTC