Dates in HTML 5


In the HTML 5 W3C Editor's Draft 23 June 2007;%20charset=iso-8859-1#documents

I was dismayed to find a ghastly local practice for the date in 2.1.2.

"The lastModified attribute, on getting, must return the date and time
of the Document's source file's last modification, in the user's local
timezone, in the following format: 

     1. The month component of the date. 
     2. A U+002F SOLIDUS character ('/'). 
     3. The day component of the date. 
     4. A U+002F SOLIDUS character ('/'). 
     5. The year component of the date. 
     6. A U+0020 SPACE character. 
     7. The hours component of the time. 
     8. A U+003A COLON character (':'). 
     9. The minutes component of the time. 
    10. A U+003A COLON character (':'). 
    11. The seconds component of the time. "

Can't we have an ISO standard date-time here? Please?


Simon Grant

Received on Wednesday, 27 June 2007 18:12:13 UTC