Re: danger of null value for summary attribute [Re: fear of "invisible metadata"]

On Jun 27, 2007, at 7:44 AM, Sander Tekelenburg wrote:

> At 22:19 +0200 UTC, on 2007-06-25, James Graham wrote:
> [...]
>> <p id="descWidgetSales">The table shows the sales of widgets for the
>> financial year 2005-2006. <span style="display:none">The columns
>> indicate sales in different regions and the rows indicate the  
>> months of
>> the year. The last row and last column show a total for the month or
>> region.</span></p>
>> <table description="descWidgetSales">[...]</table>
>> This has several disadvantages; [...]
> One disadvantage you don't list is that this is CSS-dependant.

It's also an ad hoc solution to replace a solution that's already a  
part of the language in HTML4.01. To me that's a step backwards. We  
could after all, just replace everything with <div> and <span> and  
have a deal with everything else through CSS and scripts. No one  
wants that.

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