Re: About dropping the style attribute

On 26 Jun 2007, at 12:53, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> In my opinion, it is extremely silly to think that height='' and  
> width='' are bad but style='width: ...; height: ...;' is good. I'd  
> rather have height='' and width='' on all elements that are  
> replaced elements in the normal case.

Just thinking aloud... is width and height actually presentational  

I suppose it is... but in perhaps a strange way of looking at it,  
this is meta information about the image, sort like adding the mime- 
type to the <img> tag.

I still think the style attribute of elements in general is required,  
if only for those 'special' cases (which cannot be set in external  
style sheets)... but I wonder if the image width/height is also  
useful, as they are properties of the binary image file.

Although... I suppose, if the attributes are set to values different  
to what the image is encoded as... typically used to change the  
DPI... then it is no longer an attribute of the image, and now starts  
effecting the style/presentation.

Personally I really want separation of presentation from content... I  
would really like to see the back of the <font> tag, and <table>'s  
used for layout (i.e. only use them for tabular data)...  I really  
don't care about cellpadding... but there are some things, like the  
<img width="1">, which I am just not sure about.


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